Magnetic Design Engineer

Location: Marshall, MN - Southwest Minnesota

TITLE OF SUPERVISOR: Engineering Manager

DEPARTMENT: Engineering


Provide design-engineering services necessary to market and manufacture transformer products, specifically in the pulse and power transformer line and other electronic areas as assigned. Engineer must be able to communicate with customers to define their needs and then offer suggestions to the complete design of a magnetic component. Engineer must also be able to provide accurate information to allow others to quote a project with a complete Bill of Materials and provide a source for the materials used. Engineer must also be able to document accurately all aspects of the design while following the ISO process and BH work instructions.


Listed below are the major duties you will perform:

A. Provide engineering for the design of new transformer, inductor, or magnetic assembly products.

  1. Complete design of magnetic components including enclosures.
  2. Select materials for best function and economy.
  3. Secure sample materials.
  4. Assist Lab and Technicians in building prototype coils and transformers.
  5. Coordinate with customer or Sales Rep problems with existing design or new design approaches.
  6. Document fully both mechanical and electrical parameters.

B. Provide engineering support to marketing and sales.

  1. Help develop manufacturing costs of new products.
  2. Provide technical assistance to marketing in preparing quotations.
  3. Provide sales assistance to marketing through direct contact with customers and marketing representatives as requested by Management.
  4. Qualify prototypes to customer requirements.
  5. Recommend new designs to achieve lower cost methods and procedures.
  6. Provide interface between company and customer engineering departments as requested by Management.
  7. Maintain an expert image with customer and customer engineering.

C. Provide engineering support to manufacturing.

  1. Originate and release complete documentation drawings for manufacture of transformer products.
  2. Develop quality standards and testing requirements of new products.
  3. Select and define materials used in manufacture.
  4. Select and qualify vendors.
  5. Recommend solutions to manufacturing problems.
  6. Assist manufacturing with product start up.

D. Assist in creating technical growth in other engineering personnel.

  1. Provide technical leadership and establish standards of performance by example and instruction.
  2. Recommend task responsibilities that will create growth in engineering personnel.


  1. Must be able to stand, sit, walk, carry items
  2. Must be able to drive
  3. Must be able to mix chemicals (epoxy)
  4. Must be able to lift 30 pounds
  5. Must be able to see and handle fine wire and items
  6. Must be able to operate MS Products – Access
  7. Regular and timely attendance is required


  1. Must be able to Organize, plan, interpret data, make decisions, problem solve
  2. Must be able to write and prepare documents
  3. Minimal amount of supervising
  4. Must be able to work safely at all times
  5. Must follow all policies of BH Electronics


  • Frequently: Telephone, Copier, Computer, Hi-Pot, Solder Iron, Impedance Bridge, Oscilloscope, Network Analyzer: Multi-meter
  • Occasionally: Fax Machine, Drill, Winding Machine, Scanner, Shear, Hand Winding
  • Rarely: LPKF Router



  • BSEE or equivalent experience in electronic design.


  • Minimum of 4 years technical experience including operation of test instruments such as oscilloscopes, impedance bridges, network analyzers, building prototypes and prototype test fixturing.
  • Minimum of 4 years experience with design of magnetic components.
  • A strong background in analog design.
  • Understanding of general flow of communication between customer, marketing, engineering and production, including number systems, and engineering documentation.


  • Must be reliable and diligent.
  • Must be able to perform competently to meet schedules.
  • Ability to communicate well and attention to detail are very important.

NOTE: This job description is subject to change at any time for whatever reason at the discretion of the Company and its management.

To Apply

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