DC-DC Power Products

All our SMT Dual Inductors/Transformers have these features: 1. Insulation integrity – no bare copper inside case, 2. Space Efficiency – minimal board area for toroid-based, SMT component, 3. Solder will create “flange” over foot because the wire insulation stripped, pre-tinned by hand

• Range of physical sizes, inductance and current values, turns ratios and isolation voltages. • Designed for use with many Linear Technology applications. • Some designed to meet medical isolation and/or intrinsic safety construction requirements. • Variations of the following examples quickly available from BH Electronics.

Intended for power isolation such as data line driver circuits. Designed for use with listed chips and chipsets. Custom designs available in a wide wattage range with Standard Geometries.

Any of the transformers / dual inductors listed on Catalog Pages 9 (L13-10xx), Page 12 (L14-10xx) and Page 14 (L17-10xx) can be manufactured by BH to operate at 200C maximum temperature including ambient plus temperature rise. Like the preceding isolation transformers, samples are available on a “quick turn” basis.

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