High temperature (200°C) Transformer/Inductors

Any of the transformers / dual inductors listed on Catalog Pages 9 (L13-10xx), Page 12 (L14-10xx) and Page 14 (L17-10xx) can be manufactured by BH to operate at 200C maximum temperature including ambient plus temperature rise. Like the preceding isolation transformers, samples are available on a “quick turn” basis.

Note: All 200°C parts contain lead. Part #L13-1012 (e.g., shown below) will become H13-1012. To see how their relative performance compares based on three “Pak” cases, consider:

200°C Transformers in QTR-Pak®, 8th-Pak™ and Mini-Pak™ structures:

PART NUMBER SIZE LOC Typ. LOC @ Biased Max Current DCR (per winding)
H13-1012 QTR-Pak 10.9 7.11uH @ 5.36ADC .074 Ohms
H14-1026 8th-Pak 9.79 6.36uH @ 3.17ADC .292 Ohms
H17-1023 Mini-Pak 25.17 16.36uH @ 1.41ADC .333 Ohms
H17-1028 Mini-Pak 37.91 24.64uH @ 1.15ADC .517 Ohms
H17-1037 Mini-Pak 67.39 43.80uH @ .86ADC .900 Ohms
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