SMT Dual Inductors/Transformers

Meet the “Pak” Family – Integrity. Reliability. Inspectability.

All the “Paks” – QTR-Pak®, 8th-Pak™, Mini-Pak™ – have these features:

  • Insulation integrity – no bare copper inside case
  • Space Efficiency – minimal board area for toroid-based, SMT component
  • Solder will create “flange” over foot because the wire insulation stripped, pre-tinned by hand

High energy storage in high reliability SMT package.

High energy storage in high reliability SMT package.

High energy storage in high reliability SMT package.

MIL-PRF-27F, for Level M, Grade 5, Class S

Many standard PakTM inductors and their variations have been modified on a custom part number basis to meet the following specifications:

Life tests performed for 1,000 hours at 130˚C. Thermal shock, mechanical shock and vibration.

Vibration tests that include a 20G peak varied logarithmically between 10-2,000Hz, scanned in + X, Y and Z directions at 20 minutes per frequency cycle for a total of approximately 12 hours.

QTR-Paks and 8th-Paks have completed tests. Mini-Paks are in process but not yet approved for MIL-PFR-27.

Such tests are possible only because of the SMT structure that is sound in its design: Reliable.

Up to 4,000V isolation

Perhaps you have an application that needs the inductance of one from the standard Pak list of specifications but needs a higher isolation voltage.

Turns ratio of 1 to whatever

Standard Pak families are 1:1 transformers / dual inductors but there is no reason this ratio could not be incrementally varied to meet your specific need - quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a variation on the standard 1:1 ratio for a SEPIC dual inductor or flyback transformer, we can do that for you - quickly and efficiently.

If your 1:1 application could benefit from lower DCR on one side of the circuit than the other - we can do that as well.

Transformers with different cores?

Would your application benefit from a different core such as Kool-MU® or other?

Current Sense Transformers?

See the Current Sense transformers section of this catalog.

Magnetics put into Pak SMT structures provide space efficiency as well as reliability.

100/year or 100,000/month?

BH Electronics has the multiple capabilities of small or large volume manufacture.

Whether “custom” or standard, BH is able to quickly respond to your requirement.

If SMT size, performance and reliability are critical to your application - large or small.

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